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PDX Chooses PEG!

The Preparatory Emergency Groups or PEG radio system is the first professional, wide area radio system for the civil community, groups and organizations.

(Please see communications page-Radio systems)

IMAS Alerts ready!

The Incident Management & Alerts System is ready for use by the Portland community!


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We are self supported, everything helps tremendously!

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National Weather Service Alerts:



We'll inform your neighbors!We'll inform your neighbors!



                                          send us a priority message about something happening in YOUR neighborhoodsend us a priority message about something happening in YOUR neighborhood




Incident Management & Alerts SystemIncident Management & Alerts System



Community Konnex discussion forumCommunity Konnex discussion forum 


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Together we are building community one neighborhood at a time!!

Informing neighbors in RealTime!

 -What we do-

Neighborhood Watch Two Way Radio Communications District MapNeighborhood Watch Two Way Radio Communications District Map

Neighborhood Watch Dispatch is a civil preparedness/Incident tracking & outreach program ran & supported by

members of the community.


WE Are YOUR Neighborhood Watch Dispatch!

Have a question? Ask NWD!


Provided by PDX Emergency Communications.



RealTime Communications 

Incident alert notifications

(Neighborhood Watch Dispatch)


Working with community members, sending more detailed alerts to members.


Providing RealTime Dispatch services neighborhood by neighborhood in the Portland/Metro area. 


Individual neighborhood broadcast alert channels for mobile phone users.


Two way radio system for RealTime Communications

Using the 'Incident Management & Alerts System' or IMAS


Portland Crime Organized Information Database



All for neighbors to solve neighborhood issues in RealTime.

Using Technology to track crime & report incidents to the community together.


Staying informed and networking with like minded people who care about one another and our neighborhoods.

PCODE Database: Watch Groups Crime database for solving issues neighborhood by neighborhoodPCODE Database: Watch Groups Crime database for solving issues neighborhood by neighborhood 





 "Thank you so much! This is so great to have!!!"

-Community Member 7/22/2019


 "PDX Emergency Communications u guys r doing an awesome job

and from one dispatcher to the next amazing work way to be on top of things!!!

I appreciate u guys"

-Member 6/24/19


"Really good info about law enforcement activities in the area.

Being informed is key to helping the community be safe and having an awareness of crime and other incidents

pertaining in the local area. Great info all around" -Member 3/17/19 



"Honestly this is the main benefit I could see with the site, 

it allows only like-minded people access to this info."


-Member 2/25/19




"I had an alert sent in real time of a man being punched,          

I wasn't inclined to go out alone at that time!"-  -Member 1/15/2019   




"If you are a member, you just click and fill out the report!"

                                                                         -Member 1/15/2019                             




 "This is the sort of thing, reason for all of us to become members  

   This is useful in many ways!"-Member 1/17/19                       



 "Proactive real time alert of your report to all the members 

of PDX Emergency Communications." -Technical team 





 We use an automated CAD dispatching system to keep us informed in RealTime!


IMAS Dispatch system for Portland safety/crime watchIMAS Dispatch system for Portland safety/crime watch 

                            Home screen on IMAS (Neighborhood Watch Dispatch's automated incident alerts system)Home screen on IMAS (Neighborhood Watch Dispatch's automated incident alerts system)                                       





We Provide Communications For Watch groups and General Community Alerts! 

 RealTime Communications!   



Building opportunity for our community in a Big Way



 Program Overview


  We now can stay connected and dispatch information in RealTime to Watch group members!

We are the Dispatch Center for Watch Groups!

We will provide communications for YOU!

 (Satellite Neighborhood Watch Dispatch office) 


 Already a Neighborhood Watch Group Member? 

Contact US so we can get you and YOUR GROUP 

Enhanced in your communications 

With All Groups 


'Together we can make things happen'




*If you are interested in helping to Dispatch alerts to the community or Dispatch for Neighborhood Watch groups in your Neighborhood*


 Visit the Volunteer Page  


or email 



 Neighborhood Watch Dispatch


sends and receives Alerts

REAL TIME 24 hours a day. 


*Dial 911 in an Emergency situation* 

 (As a MEMBER, Your Information is kept confidential

We do not sell, or advertise on our sites with big corporations.

Website, Email & Voice communications are encrypted

all reporting you send to dispatch YOU can choose to remain anonymous:

Your Safety & working together is our number ONE Priority) 





We have respect for every Individual. ALL Community members.

This is a free country and we work hard at keeping it that way

we support Law enforcement, Emergency service personal, and all Military active and retired.


*Neighborhood Watch Dispatch operates as a Non-Profit ran by the members of the community locally*

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